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We can remove any size of mole





Our office offers a variety of mole removal options such as freezing, excision, or laser removal. All of the removal techniques we offer are non-invasive, with no down-time, and minimal scarring. Take a look at our before & after gallery to see some of the results we have had with our patients.

For moles on face, extremities, neck or torso

Now, unsightly moles can be completely removed from all over the body.

The most common reasons people haven't already had mole removal are:

  • They don’t know where to go

  • They are afraid that they will scar or the area will appear worse than before

We offer a FREE no-obligation assessment. During this appointment, one of our mole removal consultants will evaluate the areas and determine which options are best for your needs and skin type. We can discuss: excision or laser method and how much the cost will be at this time. Facial mole removals must be done by doctors having performed hundreds of these procedure to assure minimal scarring.

Call us today to schedule your FREE medical assessment.

*Disclaimer:  This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments.  The information is not advise and should not be treated as such.  These website photos, testimonial and video are of individual results and in no way a guarantee of your results.

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