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Mole Removal


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover my mole removal?

Yes, your insurance will cover your mole removal if the mole is considered to be "suspicious." Other moles may be said to be removed for cosmetic reasons only. It is always recommended you have the mole assessed by a professional before making that determination. You may schedule your free assessment and consultation by calling (210) 691-1234 or 800-SkinCare

I am prone to keloids, what options do I have for a mole removal?

The good news is that keloids form in specific anatomic locations and not in others, even in patients with a predilection for keloid formation. We must simply asses you to determine if you are a good candidate. Call us to take advantage of your FREE assessment.

Can a large birthmark be removed?

We can remove moles/birthmarks of all shapes and sizes. It is important that we evaluate you and discuss your treatment options and expectations. 

Will my mole grow back after it is removed?

Moles tend to recur when they are removed by methods aside from excision. We pride ourselves on removing moles by surgical excision in order to minimizes the probability of recurrence. You may contact us to schedule your free consultation today!

Who would best represent a good candidate for Mole Removal?

Any patient who can benefit both physically and/or emotionally from having a mole removed would be considered a good candidate. However, people must remember it is meant for improvement, not perfection. It is important to have realistic expectations about mole removal. We can asses you for this procedure at no cost.

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